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Penguin Minis: The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

I'm reading this book more for the format than because I really wanted to read the story itself.


These little books are great to have around. They're the size of a phone, and are read horizontally, with the covers becoming an easy way to hold the book in one hand. The pages are thin but sturdy, and can mostly be flipped using a thumb (they're obviously going after the "swipe" generation here).


As for the story itself, I know it has many devoted fans, and I can see why people like it. I'm enjoying the wit of the protagonists, but at the same time find their words and actions somewhat unrealistic. The book is on my desk, and when I need a break from work I read through a few pages; it's also great for keeping in a pocket and taking it out when waiting in line at the store.


I know Penguin has plans for more books in this format (which was, I believe, inspired by a publisher in the Netherlands that has been printing like this for a while), and they chose a set of Green books as their first foray because of their popularity. Hopefully there will be more offerings in the near future!