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Halloween Bingo Pre-Party: Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, or Other?

Hellsing, Vol. 01 - Duane Johnson, Kohta Hirano The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova Four and Twenty Blackbirds - Cherie Priest Ring - Koji Suzuki, Glynne Walley Bag of Bones - Stephen King Dracula and Other Stories by Bram Stoker. (Complete and Unabridged). Includes Dracula, the Jewel of Seven Stars, the Man (Aka: The Gates of Life), the - Bram Stoker


I'm a vampire girl, mostly because it's what I've read more of compared to werewolves and zombies. I especially like the way they've been reimagined throughout time and media.


But if I had to choose from Other, I'd definitely go for ghosts, especially the kind that haunt asylums and abandoned homes because something terrible happened to them.