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Calling All Halloween Bingo Participants! Anyone Interested in Bookmarks?

Hello Bingo Friends!


I wanted to contribute a little something to this year's Halloween Bingo, and decided to offer handmade bookmarks in seasonal colors to commemorate the event to any participants who are interested.


Aside from reading, one of my other passions is bobbin lace, and I love making bookmarks. So I'll be making some Halloween-colored bookmarks like the one below, with a black center and different seasonal edgings (depending on what colors are in my thread stash)!


If you're participating in the Bingo (i.e. you have a card) and would like a bookmark, please send me a message telling me where I should send it, and I'll do so as soon as it's done. I already have one ready to go, and I'll keep making them as long as requests come in.


Don't be shy! I'll be happy to make them!